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Sound Therapy

Treatments. Tuning forks


I am now able to offer sound therapy using tuning forks either on their own or combined with reflexology, Rahanni or Reiki. Sound therapy has been around for a long time and was used by ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Sound therapists can use a variety of mediums which include tuning forks, singing bowls, crystal bowls, drums or voice.






How does Sound Therapy work?

Think of your body like a piano. When a piano is out of tune it doesn't perform at it's best, no matter who is playing it. Once it has been re-tuned the notes are back to their optimal level of how they should sound. Your body is no different. We are made up of energy that vibrates. When we are ill either physically, mentally or emotionally we are not vibrating at our optimal level. Sound therapy can help re-tune our bodies to function at their optimal level and so help to restore natural balance within the body.


Sound Therapy can help:

Improve sleep & relaxation
Improve energy levels
Reduce stress
Self-confidence & self-esteem
Physical & emotional issues
General well-being


Reflexology & Sound Therapy

For those of you that enjoy the relaxing benefits of reflexology you can now add sound therapy to that experience through stemming on reflex points using tuning forks. This is where the stem of a tuning fork is placed on a specific reflex point that may feel unbalanced. The session will end with sounding all my tuning forks to help restore balance and a sense of general well-being. Very relaxing!















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